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Industrial Fuel Oil Sales

For more than 20 years, Holston has been providing high-quality recycled fuels to a wide variety of industrial fuel consumers. We provide fuel to a variety of industries including asphalt plants, cement kilns, metal smelters and even furniture manufacturers. These customers are active participants in the recycling process and help us convert fuel which potentially could have been a pollutant into a clean, efficient energy source.

Unlike most recyclers, we have the capability to blend our recycled fuels with virgin products in order to achieve virtually any viscosity, gravity or sulfur specifications you may require.

The advantages to using recycled fuels include:
• Lower cost than virgin fuels or natural gas
• Low sulfur content
• Lower pre-heat temperature
• High BTU value

And, as always, all of our products are compliant with the ASTM standards for Recycled Fuel Oil. The state of North Carolina requires approval for marketing recycled fuel oil within its boundaries. Holston has been approved as a recycled fuel marketer by the state of North Carolina since the inception of this requirement.

To find out more about purchasing recycled fuels,
please call 1-800-222-4530,