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EFFECTIVE FOR MARINE SPILLS Best performing pad on water due to fast wicking fibers. Works equally well on land or water — it even floats when fully saturated. Highly absorbent and economical.
Our SonicBonded Technology quickly soaks up liquids. Perfect for quick clean ups or use them to attack a larger spill. Be sure to check out our new polybacked version made for work on a rig!
Walk with confidence in overspray or spill areas thanks to our FineFiber Pads and Rolls which grips the floor with top and bottom layers, A middle layer of MeltBlown polypropylene ensures high absorbency for even your toughest spills
Outer layers of tough-skinned, Heavyweight SpunBond material resist abrasions and tears and can withstand rough handling. These pads and rolls won't tear apart when pulled or positioned under equipment. Absorbent middle layer soaks up spills.
Absorbent MeltBlown polypropylene repels water and soaks up only oil and oil-based fluids. Economical, designed for short term use and good for general applications. Perfect for light duty industrial and maintenance applications.
SurvivorSeries Mat
SpillTech's innovative Stealth Technology makes leaks and drips disappear by drawing and trapping liquids in the inner MeltBlown layer. The top camouflage layer stays clean and dry, so you don't have to replace the Mat as often.